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  • What's the difference between a grant and scholarship?
    Grants are reserves for tax-exempt nonprofit organizations to support programming and other costs. Scholarships are dollars awarded to students pursuing high school and undergraduate degrees.
  • Where can I find the scholarship/grant application? Can I mail in my application?
    During the open cycles for our scholarships and grants, a link to our online application will be on the pages titled Scholarships and Grants, under the Programs tab. Only the material you submit through the online application will be reviewed. Please DO NOT send applications or suplimental material via email or mail.
  • How do I know if I qualify for a scholarship?
    In order to qualify you must meet the following criteria: 1) will be enrolled in private high school or undergraduate college during the upcoming school year 2) maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA 3) reside in one of the following counties: Rockingham County (NH), Hillsborough County (NH), Essex County (MA), and Middlesex County (MA)
  • I'm a high school senior, which scholarship application should I fill out?
    If you are in 12th grade or above and plan to attend college next school year, you should complete a College Scholarship Application. 8th-11th grade students must complete the High School Scholarship Application.
  • Are scholarships only for students who demonstrate financial need?
    No. However, all applicants must provide financial information and preference is given to students who demonstrate both academic excellent and financial need.
  • I've received a scholarship in the past but not last year, which application should I fill out?"
    You should fill out the high school/college application that applies to your year of schooling. Our previously awarded application is only for awardees from the prior year.
  • Is my scholarship renewable each year?
    Not auntomatically, but we love to continue to support our recipients. We encourage previous recipients to continue to apply for our scholarship until they complete their Bachelor's degree. A seperate application is designed each year for recipients from the prior year. Be sure to use the correct application!
  • Our nonprofit would love to have the Saab Family Foundation sponsor an event. Who should I contact?
    Unfortunately, the Saab Family Foundation limits nonprofit giving to our grant cycle which takes place every fall. We know you do great work yearround and hope you'll consider applying for a grant during the next cycle.
  • Our nonprofit received a grant last year, are we eligible to apply again?"
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