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The Foundation provides scholarships to individuals seeking to pursue private high school education or higher education in the pursuit of a two- or four-year undergraduate degree. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and financial need; and may be provided to cover tuition, room and board, fees, and book expenses. 


Recipients are required to have and maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA, and be actively pursuing private high school or an undergraduate education. 


Scholarships are reserved for students from Rockingham County (NH), Hillsborough County (NH), Essex County (MA), and Middlesex County (MA).

  Scholarship Cycle Deadlines   
2024 Cycle  Closed, Under Review

Deadline: March 15

Important notes about our application process:

Our application process is entirely online; any materials submitted via mail, email, or outside of the grant cycle will not be accepted. If you have any questions please contact our Director of Programs, Analise Brown, at

As of 2021, the SFF uses the FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) to demonstrate financial need for college applicants. For high school applicants and applicants who do not fill out FAFSA, alternative financial documentation is required. 

It is critical that the account created on our application portal (SmarterSelect) is made by the student, using the student's name. Also, please ensure that the student applicant is completing their application and not a parent/guardian.

  Scholarship Awardee Spotlight    

Champlain University


This [scholarship] allows me to mainly focus on school and receive the best education and grades possible.


Rivier University


Being a recipient of this scholarship year after year acted as a recognition of my hard-work and kept me motivated.  It also meant having fewer loans to pay back after graduation. 


Endicott College


Having been a recipient of the Saab Scholarship for 5 years has truly been a blessing and I am most appreciative for the assistance as well as the support and faith in me to continue to strive to be better each year.


Middlesex Community College


[A SFF scholarship] means a lot to me. I’m focusing on my academic progress right now and financial support helps to buy books and all the accessories for my classes.


Central Catholic High School


My mother is a first generation American and my dad is an immigrant.  The Saab  scholarship helps them give us an education they were not able to get themselves and fulfill their American Dream by give us a better future.


Dean College


College is a costly investment.   Receiving a scholarship relieves some of the stress for my single mother when it comes to paying my tuition.

  2020 Scholarship Recipient List    

Nazeli Acosta

Mikayla Almeida

Jaime Aranzabal

Katherine Aste

Ashley Bettencourt

Youssef Bourouphael 

Jesus Caceres

Chad Cao

Ava Carolan

Samuel Cintra

Eleni Clermont

Tristan Correia

Kathleen Curran

Kenisha De La Rosa

Raquel Delacruz

Jacob Desruisseaux

Rachel Diaz

Julia Espinola

Milagros Fabian

Owen Fanning

Mackenzie Faria

Alexandria Ferguson

Mahta Fesshaie

Colin Fitzpatrick

Ariannys Germosen

Jalen Gilmore

Anelyn Gomez

Jessica Hagg

Savanna Hall

Madison Hugo

Lily Jerzylo

Devin Jozokos

Emily Jussaume

Diana Karamourtopoulos

Christopher Kelly

Victoria Kish

Michaela Kowalyk

Alexander Lambert

Pichliya Liang

Socheata Mam

Philip Marks

Taylor Marrero

Zoe Marrero

Sophia Marsden

Dominic Mateo

Hannah Mattsen

Molly McANespie

Allison McCabe

Bailey McCaul

Emily McDaid

Kyle LuisMelo

Rebecca Morgheim

Ashton Mota

Meghan Mulvey

Riley Mulvey

Karynna Munoz

Erin O'Brien

Owen O'Brien

Corey O'Neill

Paul Pacheco

Cassidy Peinert

Joargy Perez

Joné Perez

Jonathan Picanco

Juliana Porto

Olivia Porto

Luke Priestly

Pranal Rai

Hadley Raymond

Abigail Reyes

Kate Santos

Ryan Santos

Jakob Scopelites

Trevor Scopelites

Tyler Scopelites

Davonn Smith

Jennifer Souza

Nolan Speidel

Titiana Tambi

Julia Terra-Salomao

Noah Tierney-Honan

Tayleigh Tierney-Honan

Miguel Vasconcelos

Paris Vega

Emily Veiga

Alexis Vitorino

Ariana Vitorino

Nathan Vitorino

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